Every Body in the World had GODMODUALS (EXCEPT i GLENN p GLENN)

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This is a good according to wormholes in my TV. I came in New York City was about$87 in my pocket on a one-way ticket and I make it to the Broadway and gave this all the mail review where is my destination I am told after my audition that no matter how good I was how muscular I was how tall I was how great the performer I was I would never ever never never be a headline and his brother’s show because I was black. Never has been before and I never will be it doesn’t be honest. I thank them and look for the source of my problem why can’t I get a job here because of somebody else I found the source skateboarding at 3:00 and I solved it quite factually took about a year and a half and I’m the first black performer and the Broadway all male review headlining the show
Another fact because of everybody know who I am ticket prices went up I was asking the form more often and it was standing in the room only quite respectful and even remodeled the place. On my first day they cut the hustling in the back of the club anyone caught a shaking their groove thing for a dollar in the back of the club. I suppose I’ll throw him down the stairs.. that is not a factual statement but that is rumor coul. With the paycheck of eight $16,000 for one week of work you can live somewhere third country come here one week to do very well. I was the only New Yorker to perform at this Broadway video.

This situation but God the mods and the planet is basically the same thing. No matter how good I was how badly I w

as injured Thomas evidence I had the ambulance assistance was never going to stop coming to my home 24 hours a day following me the firetrucks are never going to stop honking their horns ripping through Time in space people will never going to stop randomly attacking me on the streets and every year itself is going to be a major attack of which you can’t imagine and eventually this is how I die in front of the entire planet with no one to help me

What I can say is I thought I was successful here trying to solve some problems and I suppose I did for many many creatures in many life ones however when it comes to the people here who left me to be the last human on earth.

I really don’t have a problem letting my dad handle this. I have to be honest this can happen on another planet. Perhaps we should set an example. No way was I going to receive a penny for the whole world attacking me.

One day as leaving Paul’s place visiting him from prison I got on a subway train at the Brooklyn and I kept missing my stuff because my stop wasn’t there and they’re a bunch of kids everybody having fun and laughing and after the third or fourth time passing through you’re like that by stop is not there I can’t even realization that quite seriously I could be on this train forever. No train will take you what I want to go.

The thought of Paul is making me at this moment very sick to my stomach


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