Attorney Glenn Harass- avoid-Setting him off

Attorney Glenn Harass- avoid-Setting him off

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In this video the harassing my father humiliated him and making joke of the fact that my foot fetish film is the very first foot fetish film all male full length commercial starting the biggest crave ever and the death of the name of the title of my film became the genre making it the number one film in the history of the universe and of course we know nothing going to be bigger than what the fetish so who’s going to surpass that as a film title. I am in fact in a world’s most famous film.

It starts off with attorney Glenn which is literally my father’s name followed with a statement to intimidate and make a live terrible harass

Then it is subliminal Justice it uses subliminal suggestion changing the word worst to West which in context is telling the police arrest to rest them last but not least followed by a a large good looking blonde guy hold you think a ticket of himself and he says something like to prevent that you don’t want to get this person mad I don’t remember the exact words but here you go 10 seconds you’ll hear everything this is speech to text

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