Beautiful Relaxing Home Spaw Energy Rejuvenation Treatment causes 911 EMERGENCY

Beautiful Relaxing Home Spaw Energy Rejuvenation Treatment causes 911 EMERGENCY

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VID 20230522 Beautiful Relaxing Home Spaw Energy Rejuvenation Treatment

Well for trying the information for this video thanks reporting what happened to 311 noise I lay here on my bed so relaxed so warm and so calm. I’ve had a wonderful baths before I don’t usually take a bath I’m taking baths now I put the vinegar in the water a little vinegar for the first time and now I feel so more amazing then any vast before this.

I share with you my body and my personal unique bath additive for


Beautiful Relaxing Home Spaw EnergyRejuvenation Treatment


There’s one ingredient I forget to list in my video show you and nothing gradient is 100% coconut oil about the tablespoon

The amount of  Epsom salt was probably two tablespoons the amount of noxzema about a finger full Ivory soap is the soap of my family got to be of use and I have used since birth or hatching or whatever transfer

I haven’t really heard from my kids for a while but it’s just now I hear one of my favorite pew poles pretty loud louder than normal just shines through saying I’m teaching people how to be stinky. And seems very excited about it so I guess this is the first video and teaching people how to be stinky aka masculine and wormhole friendly bath treatment .

It it is almost 3:00 a.m. in the morning as I finish this particular article University vehicle comes to my home for 3 minutes outside just outside my home doesn’t come with our rent doesn’t live with sirens I hope they left but they just sit outside my home making unusual siren sounds.

I don’t think you understand they come to my home quietly specifically to make sounds outside my home.  hundreds of complaints in a month. There’s nothing compared to 100 complaints in a day and the police department finds this outrageous as they refuse to do anything about it which encourages it.

People want to call me names but I’m not the one running to your house disturbing you and making you crazy I’m not about going out of my way and becoming obsessed with other people going to their homes and making noise in their window no


I am just trying  the universe  and if  the WORMHOLEs blackholes murdeera civilization is so saved AGAIN do trust it comes from my heart I apologize

SSome of my articles take a long time to write and have multiple media things in it I am the only person who runs publishers etc my home planet on the internet and as the end of this is being finished here is how it finishes with another person coming to my home making noises that brings tears to my eyes, I don’t know if they need help or my life is about 2n


This is the third or fourth complaint late so late should be quiet after midnight but the now is most loudest disturbing crazy time people are coming to my home to run their sirens only next to my home another car has come making unusual noises with their siren directly next to my home for about 3 minutes this is the third or fourth complaint I have after midnight working on my website more noise when I work on my website no matter what time of day this is ridiculous you guys who run this place needs to be shut down 2000 complaints is too much This is speech to text who knows what it says



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