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my 1st Job on I was selected for in industry responsible for every problem this planet faces. Name of that HBO SHOW IS mercy (I was edited out) “CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM” my 2nd job was also mercy “I SAW THIS PIG & THOUGHT OF YOU” I was also an actor on The News Room. My Performance was replaced by these words “BABY KILLER” spray painted in a wall




BLACKHOLE greatest fear inherently is  hurting people. (Hurting God) Here I am. I have a black hole at the bottom of a tree who is punishing him self for its action. “You don’t know what I did” along with like conversations is where we stand. It was trying to die. I save it.  Professional Flash from my digital camera seams have amazing power. I believe from my training experiences it is an infinite amount of energy and  a few flashs can power an enter steller vehicle and  can uses wormhole blackhole to deliver the energy or   as caporial distance seams  irrelevant.

(a light year is fifteen seconds) new information

Previously identified as a shape shifting alien. Here I appear is a nut 🥜 perhaps recognize asq shit and n because I don’t know what happened to me an. I show myself searching and changing personifing everything you factually have to look at everything frame by frame.

the entire planet ignoring me … I don’t know if I can see myself but In seeking help I learned i can provoke a response useful. I may be (my shit) (magic)

.Iknow where I am. I do n’t know how to get home. Separated from GLENN PATRICK GLENN this is GLENN PATRICK GLENN. I have never been this afraid and every one who knows what happened and how it happened will be ended on Discovery.  I find my way back traveling THROUGH videos, tv, internet and computer my monitors until my origins discovered a way to communicate which also made seeing fine details through the computer my monitors possible for the first time . I found my website and waited there.  Standing in the lense  viewable by forty million people didn’t result in rescue. Standing in the lense  viewable by forty million people where I am confidence everyone who knew what I was why I was and how to retrieve me saw me and felt nothing did nothing said nothing. Ending your existence would be lonely though preferable to the Sadness of their protected existence.

Documenting the (release)birth  of a royal princess is what I did special request by OMNI and is available on one of my face book account and will be available here as my premium software for visual document review installed/program/tested. I, GLENN PATRICK GLENN am the soul programmer designer content provider content creator home base  administrator of

World Wide We on the World Wide We B.

when someone or something ask for help, you do not do nothing, you do not turn your back. What makes me valuable is  (cry & try) which is two things more being A PARENT  than anyone else.

APPA 4RENT / APPA RENT / Apparent /

Are you a parent?



In this video what you are observing is the inside of a blackholes realm (

(I originally wrote that a black hole has private space. blackholes are known to respond to each other as fighting fish.  however. placing more thoughts into … OMNI tells me they don’t have  personal space am I do recall when I requested an audience with BLACKHOLES from the 60s and 70s . Handfull (term referring to numbering system and depicts a non specific number between 4 and 7 and signifies the exact number  irrelevant unnecessary unknown  with the importance being the fact that contact was made, the. Items were touched held familiar.  ) They all stayed in my bedroom with me , open personalities, louder , curious, lots of questions and has never seen a black man in real life. They never said though I would imagine they felt hurt. Their mental state was NOTHING like my known interaction and non of there self identities were babies. Note that self  identities are not a reflection of their capabilities or intelligence  but possibly Innocence, size   perhaps indicating great loss need for companionship or the making of an overwhelming decision with a need for intimate honestly.   were polite, friendly . I informed them of my situation and voiced my l concerns for their safety describing to them the concerning difference in personality. I believe thay may have to program train or mentor in the future. Also there was a woman as part of the group.   It’s possible they were physically grouped together.


WORMHOLE enjoy the feeling, security,  grouping and I am taught WORMHOLES are  are mist, clouds, and on my own I suspect a bathtub full of water may be all ones needs for teleportation.

Rain occurs when a blackholes dies.

. Having made the studio my personal space and the actress. (who I hung out with) my personal space everything you see is me communicatung. Literally everything in the studio is alive. In 1 or 2 frames I am a solid object  looking directly into the camera lens during an extreme close up of her hair.


Hair Stylist . The moment you interact or make contact knowing or annoying with the quantum world the top hair stylist of the universe immediately rush to your location to display their talent hoping to be your permanent hair stylist.  A Hairstylist: can control people.

Hairstylist: can and will enslave people  for Royal benefit. Royals light up and attract all things that can communicate only though telepathy. They can not see or hear anything including each other. This changes when a Royal appears. We want to see the world. Attaching people to the royal provides another vehicle to see the world.  TOUR BUS , PERSONAL EXCLUSIVE Premium DOOR TO DOOR LIMOUSINE TRANSPORTATION SERVICE.   That should sound familiar and be of assistance for those who were that under contract in exchange for omnipotent lifespan.

Some people are carriers unaware. Purpose is to maintain a balanced in the all of everything.  With out Knowing these individuals (program reality).  They can conscious  control reality by avoiding/limiting what they know.

Example: every person who becomes violently upset and turn their head away demanding quickly leaving my home or preparing to leave my home  …saying what ever they believe will result in a positive result the fastest  when I show them my website. Positive result = no view of or  accidental view of the truth  of what I am, who I am. I am a victim of a civilization that mastered lying to that which can not be lied to.  Thanks to GLENN PATRICK GLENN the Omni is renegotiating, friendlier, and for the first time of existence, (flexible) or perhaps a better description is (not so fast to place judgment)  and looking at themselves for corruption.  OMNI ARE NOW A MUCH BIGGER PART IF THE ALL IF EVERYTHING. OLIVE BRANCH OF THE ALL OF EVERYTHING.  I do not mean that as the joke of extending an olive branch covering a penis. The more I look around for answers the more I find a horrible joke. Those jokes are important as they help identify the truth.  I hope someday our world will value truth, share truth,  COVID truth.

My blog shows an entire planet out of control the consequences of witch may result in DEAD PLANET with the cause looking for its next meal.  Entire universe is looking at you.

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