DEEP FRIED GOLD MOVIE [served me infected fast food chicken CONTEST]

DEEP FRIED GOLD MOVIE [served me infected fast food chicken CONTEST]

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The Laugh Attack was never funny and having been physically beaten on one too many occasions for reasons which I believe anyone who is not delusional can pick any adult gay film at random since the internet was born and my name will be factually in the audio somewhere. it either is or it isn’t. THE VOLUME at which my name may be heard is irrelevant,


long story short I was to be poisoned by a Teleconetic entity from fast food chicken  Trained to harass me in ways that honestly, I am too traumatized to be included here this evening. another time..

I have a couple of videos that I am confident will place my attacker{s} in prison. and they did it right under the nose and in front of the FBI then made DNA documentary to tell me they didn’t do anything stupid … other than murder the guy who intended to do something unthinkable to my DNA.  if it is true, I am grateful. On the other hand. perhaps the guy who was murdered was going to stop the Remote Control Attack. I was/am the remote.

The Kentucky Fried Movie seems to be familiar.

The Kentucky Fried Movi.



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