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  1. There’s some weird text over this copy I will upload a not some weird text over the video copy when I locate one.

Headbangers is a gay theme film about rock musicians and though it does have sex scenes in it it is technically a major gay themed film and not a porn video.

That having been said this is the first film to learn award featuring a black man.


Let me rephrase this in a way that you might understand more clearly if you’re a producer who had a black man and you’re gay thing film it was banned from winning any award.

In this film I become the highest paid pornstar though I can turn this down with equally impressive fact as this makes me the first black person to receive equal pay for equal work.


I believe it was the vice president of GOLDWIN MAYER. Also  the producer of The Monkees that discovered me making me the first pornstar to be discovered by a major mainstream movie studio.

This was my first film. And this need to come very unimpressive after you see the other impressive things I’ve accomplished.


If you had seen the 50th anniversary Godzilla movie where an actor plays me with my real first and last name you will hear virtually word for word a line from Headbangers.


Award: Best Sex Comedy


  1. The horror does begin with the first movie as I do believe I am actually dead ; not acting…hence BEST SEX COMEDY.

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