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Perhaps one item the police can get away with pretending you’re crazy but when you have the world’s largest website of cyber bully videos and you are the soul Target it gets pretty clear there are factually no real police. And when you start reporting you more unusual things like talking water you don’t get the police out of your door you get an ambulance and arise to a mental hospital. With ambulance drivers coming to my home fireman coming to my home and police coming to my home up to and over 100 times a day just to honk one might suspect that  I live in an alternate universe on robots planet and I am a hostage or prisoner perhaps being punished for the crime of not destroying every one of my planet while I had the chance.

  1. There our times when I imagine everyone around me covered in blood I major bloodbath. I suppose is a good thing you all did that before I got a chance to. You are robots.
  2. I constantly wonder why no one will tell me the truth. A guy said to me I’m sorry about the broken ATMs. This admitting since the last two times I went to the bank all the ATMs were broken could not receive money and I needed to  deposit money into the bank to avoid over drawn fees. Actuall he text message me that.
  3. Barbie asked me if I had a very particular sort of thumb drive that you could use and he described every function of it in meticulous detail. Yes it was on the desk in front of him but the detail was not.
  4. There are people in Brooklyn asking for money a dollar while I was looking at what the gentleman a guy walking toward me said “it’s the same thing as this”. And he pushed his tongue out of his mouth but the direction pointifng down.”
  5. You need someone to run this planet  you need someone to control the television networks . The armies should be turned over to me all governments globally should be shut down.

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