Sell crazy someplace else we’re all full up here

Sell crazy someplace else we’re all full up here

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  1. Sell crazy someplace else we’re all full up here


The last few times at Chase Bank lobby but I needed to deposit money into my account all the machines were broken with signs saying they could not take the money or checks.

There’s nothing new about a machine that would say that however there is something new about all the machines in the bank saying that two times in a row when you go there. Very strangely enough on a dating website a stranger writes to me and says sorry about the broken ATMs.

That’s a very odd thing to say today well I took my change to Western beef who’s the name seems to be I complaint about me and my family. I grew up on Western. Southwest to Western. And Western beef until it interestingly enough appears to be wordplay on the word beef where you change it with problem.


Had Western beef the money machine that takes you money and turns it takes your change and makes it cash stopped working but the sign says unable to take more money.

Perhaps the words are not exact but I have a video where you can see the exact words.

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